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SENER Infrastructure and Transport 

In Infrastructure and Transport, SENER executes complete engineering and technology projects for urban transportation, rail transport, highways, airports, ports, architecture, water and the environment, with successful examples to be found in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Panama, Portugal, Qatar, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United States and Vietnam, as well as several other countries.

Thanks to its team of qualified experts, made up of specialists in all the technologies and disciplines involved in infrastructure development, SENER has a complete and joined-up view of every project. 

SENER’s work stands out for its sustainability and degree of integration into the surrounding environment, something that has earned its numerous awards. SENER has also earned itself a strong international reputation for its exceptional and innovative technology solutions.

The company provides the entire range of services needed to complete infrastructure and transport projects, from their early phases to the beginning of operations, with different financing and construction schemes. In this area, we are also currently moving towards a model of risk-sharing with our clients. 

The SENER group integrates in its organization the 100 % of the firm Estudio de Ingeniería y Proyectos, S.A. (EIPSA), which specializes in structural engineering. Highly renowned in the civil engineering sector, EIPSA has 30 years of experience and a notable portfolio of past works, projects and technical assistance services in the construction of special structures in industrial and urban buildings, storage silos, pedestrian bridges and vehicle bridges. EIPSA’s integration allows SENER to offer viaduct design services as yet another of the Group’s specialties in large multidisciplinary projects.

Both companies share a common philosophy of innovation and appetite for unique projects that involve technical challenges, as they have confirmed throughout their histories, in projects in which they have worked together, sometimes as partners, for example working on the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC), where SENER performed site supervision and EIPSA carried out the building’s structure, and on the Madrid – Valencia high speed train connection, where SENER again carried out site supervision and EIPSA delivered two unique viaducts, Istmo and Arco, over the Contreras Reservoir. Other joint projects include the A4 highway in The Netherlands, the Vitoria – Eibar highway, Seville’s metro and the bridge project over the Deba River in Gipuzkoa, Spain.


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