SENER's Corporate Responsibility

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SENER was created as a company dedicated to its employees, society and the environment, with the founding duty to act responsibly in all its activities and initiatives. 

  • Commitment to quality, safety and the environment

    Through its own integrated quality, safety and environment management system that complies strictly with national and international regulations and aims to ensure environmental quality and the safety of people throughout the execution and operation of projects.

  • Commitment to people

    Through its Code of Conduct, which sets out the guidelines for the conduct expected of SENER employees in the different areas of their working lives, and through the Family-Friendly Company Certificate, awarded by the Másfamilia Foundation.

  • Commitment to innovation

    Through the SENER Foundation, created in 2002, and through collaborations with universities and innovation centers, foundations and NGOs, whether through grants, sponsorships and donations or the development of solidarity projects in countries where SENER has a presence through works or projects.

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