Cross-cutting services

Throughout the lifecycle of a project, SENER offers the following cross-cutting services:

Risk management

In accordance with ISO 31000 and ISO 31001, SENER follows a strict risk management methodology that gives clients total control over any identified threats to their projects, as well as the associated mitigation measures. SENER’s methodology combines quantitative and qualitative methods to assess risk, its impact and probability.  

Interface management

We have proven experience in the area of recognition and exhaustive inclusion of physical, functional and special interfaces. 

SENER develops a tailor-made interface management methodology for each Project, which is outlined in an Interface Management Plan (IMP) that describes how interfaces are:

  • Identified and Documented.
  • Specified.
  • Verified.
  • Validated.

Requirements management

As a key piece in Systems Integration Engineering, SENER carries out Requirements Management that continues through every phase of project execution. Requirements Management involves extracting, documenting, analyzing and controlling the functionalities, features and restrictions of the project (seen as a complete system) in terms of its obligations, performance and properties. Requirements include business objectives, operational features, system/sub-system/equipment features, user features, etc.  Requirements must be traceable, unambiguous, complete, concise, consistent and unique in order to facilitate the design and subsequent verification and validation.  SENER uses well-established management tools such as IBM’s Rational DOORS, which has played a key role in projects such as Line 9 of the Barcelona Metro and the Abu-Dhabi Tramway.


SENER is developing a world class Light Rail Transit System for the city of Abu Dhabi(United Arab Emirates) with special attention to the weather conditions of the Regionand its Cultural Heritage. The Abu Dhabi LRT conforms the delivery of a world cl... [+]

Configuration management

SENER conducts configuration management throughout the lifecycle of a project, to provide visibility and control over the characteristics of the project as a whole and any changes it undergoes.  SENER ensures that the configuration of the complete project is known and reflected in its characteristics and documentation so that any change management can be always be carried out in reference to the known status (configuration status or baseline). This makes it easier to assess the impact of a change, both in terms of cost and timings, as well as to monitor its implementation in each of the aspects that may be affected.

Configuration parameters may include requirements, cost values, designs (plans), contracts, planning, risk analysis, physical attributes, functional features, operations manuals, etc.

RAMS - Reliability, availability and maintinability

SENER has consolidated its position as a leader in RAMS engineering in the infrastructure and transport sector, especially in railway engineering.  A team of experts in this field is responsible for defining, distributing and assigning safety requirements to each of the different subsystems in a piece of infrastructure, with the ultimate goal of compiling safety evidence from these subsystems and demonstrating that every potential hazard identified by SENER has been covered.

Barcelona metro line 9

SENER has been involved throughout the entire lifecycle of this project which has established a new standard for other metro lines in the world. SENER has been a key partner of Barcelona metro over the past decade, and was selected to perform constr... [+]

Barcelona metro line 9 and 10

SENER has been involved throughout the entire lifecycle of this project which has established a new standard for other metro lines in the world. Since 2000 to the present, SENER has participated in the process of designing, bidding, construction, te... [+]

Independent Checking Engineer (ICE)

As an Independent Checking Engineer (ICE), SENER checks third-party designs to ensure that projects achieve the objectives that have been set out in relation to quality, service, works, safety, durability, maintenance, operational capacity and future extension and/or updating potential.


[NOTA: References: Metro ligero de Lusail, en Catar, red de metro de Riad, en Arabia Saudí.]

Project Management Consultancy (PMC)

This type of service provides comprehensive project management and normally involves a contractor (or group of contractors) responsible for executing the design and build.  SENER sets out the management processes and requirements in consensus with the project owners to ensure that it is executed and implemented correctly and successfully, on time, within budget and to the client’s satisfaction. 

Document management

Document management for all types of projects, as part of a work, follow-up and monitoring culture that incorporates all the technical regulations in force and the latest best practices, both international and local. 

Quality control and assurance

We provide quality control throughout the lifecycle of the project to ensure perfect integration and to guarantee that the client’s technical, functional, document and safety objectives are met at all times. 

Sustainability and Environment

Every piece of work that SENER executes guarantees absolute respect for the environment and incorporates specific sustainability features, from designs that are well-integrated into the landscape to energy saving technology, including the use of renewable energy sources, the use of building materials and systems that have a low environmental impact, and strategies for sorting and recycling municipal solid waste, among many other measures.

Porto LTR Network

SENER has been involved throughout the entire implementation of the Porto Light Rail.  SENER, as leader company of the European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) ENSITRANS, has carried out for Metro do Porto, S.A., the management of the technical... [+]

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