SENER's Digital Twin contributes to the APM Terminals Callao award

15/11/2022 (Peru)
SENER's Digital Twin contributes to the APM Terminals Callao award

The American Association of Port Authorities and the Inter-American Committee on Ports of the OAS have presented APM Terminals Callao (APMTC), concessionaire of the North Multipurpose Terminal in Callao, Peru, the 2022 Award for Excellence in the Port Industry, in the Technology and Innovation category.

The award went to APMT Callao for having implemented at this terminal - one of the largest and most complex container port terminals in Latin America - various innovations, automation systems and technological advances, including a digital twin, a solution developed by SENER at the request of the Project Implementation Team to improve the management of infrastructure projects in the north multipurpose terminal of Callao.

SENER developed this digital twin using the BIM methodology, a first in the sector, which to date did not have an application of these characteristics developed using this methodology. By employing BIM, the pioneering digital twin of APMT Callao not only guarantees maximum reliability in terms of functional, technical and operational uses, but it also makes it possible to gradually integrate the new technologies and management systems that are being implemented in the organization, such as the Asset Digitization developed by APMT.

Characteristics of SENER's digital twin for APMTC

The digital twin developed by SENER has allowed APMTC to manage infrastructure assets since 2020. It is a data-based solution with integration flows that are used to manage large data processes and computational power for larger virtual worlds. This tool makes it possible to check the status, maintenance, dimension and operations of its infrastructure assets, structured by functional processes, and to manage and adapt new innovations. The latter has proved crucial for the proper operation of the terminal, as this is a brownfield terminal whose operation is very complex.

The Digital Twin provides a structured database for the information and documentation generated during the project life cycle. Having this information is vital when validating objects, systems and designs. In addition, the information is portable and coded, meaning that any authorized individuals can access it even when they are not connected, through a virtual and autonomous, non-immersive experience, displayed on computers and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The digital architecture is modular, flexible, synchronized, and easily expandable, and is able to adapt to the different functional needs of the Terminal. It allows users to isolate elements, such as road surfaces, and discover underground and hidden public services.

It also lowers the risk of the operation and can be used to size areas for different commercial purposes, thus facilitating future designs. It has also improved communication with suppliers and among workers by providing them with tools to enable virtual presence, interactive virtual encounters, virtual presentations, and more.

All the progress and work can be searched for in the timeline and by version, allowing for comparisons and review of changes in real time. The digital twin replicates the operation and characteristics of objects and systems, meaning it can help teams understand the terminal, as well as anticipate future scenarios and problems in order to optimize solutions.

SENER's digital twin allows APMT Callao customers to reliably manage their infrastructure assets at one of the main Pacific port terminals in Latin America.

In the words of SENER's Manager of Ports, Xavier Pascual: "We are very pleased to have helped modernize the Port of Callao's Multipurpose North Terminal with our digital twin. We are honored to have been selected by APMT Callao from among other vendors to guide it in its innovative project for this important port hub.   Congratulations on the award, which recognizes the effort and determination of APMT Callao to turn Peru's port sector into a technology leader."

At this time, SENER is still working with the client on the training, maintenance and familiarization of the solution implemented under the leadership of Michael Diaz, Engineering Manager of APMT Callao.

"My vision is to integrate our local digital twin with the development of Asset Digitization promoted by the company globally and with the recently implemented automated systems, so as to have a robust tool that helps us manage Big Data and transform it into information that helps us make decisions to optimize the operation of the multipurpose terminal and ensure constant improvement. When we invited SENER to be part of this vision, we found a highly competent partner that integrated information that, until then, had been scattered, into a reliable digital twin. The applications will be available soon and will be useful for us in the short term to redesign the terminal," says Leonardo Tello del Pino, Project Implementation Manager at APMT Callao.

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