Independent review of the West Gate Tunnel project

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Revisión independiente del diseño del West Gate Tunnel
Revisión independiente del diseño del West Gate Tunnel
  • Country: Australia
  • Start date: 2019
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The West Gate Tunnel project aims to connect Melbourne from east to west to reduce traffic on the West Gate bridge and provide a direct link for freight to the port of. The project consists of two tunnels.

The scope of SENER's work is the independent review of the ME&I design of certain key elements of the West Gate Tunnel Project, which are grouped into two phases with the following activities:

Phase 1: Review of ME&I subsystems.

  • PSR compliance audit:  Specifically, MEI elements
  • Feb Alignment.
  • Interfaces between Tunnel-Civil and ME&I, including drainage and cable conduits in transitions between the portals and the tunnel.

 Phase 2: Detailed review of OMCS, ITS and integration requirements:

  • OMCS
  • ITS Control
  • Systems integration
  • Review of the MEI elements in buildings and integration of the MEI elements of the tunnel.

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