Melbourne Metro

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  • Country: Australia
  • Start date: 2016
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SENER delivered design services to one of the contractors bidding for Melbourne Metro, in Australia. The line will have a total length of nine kilometers and will include five underground stations.

In performing this work, SENER will prioritize innovative, optimized solutions that will allow the fi nal construction of the line to be completed in the shortest time period possible.

This preliminary proposal helped the contractors prepare a competitive technical and economic proposal that will give them an advantage over their competitors for the contract to design, build and maintain this metro line.

SENER has made a strong commitment to this project, which it is working on with great expectations, and for which special mention should be given to the team that traveled to Melbourne and which worked together in close coordination with the specialist teams from all of SENER’s offices in Spain to satisfy the demanding requirements and tight deadlines for the project.

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