RESPIRA® - Artificial Intelligence to control and improve Ventilation Systems

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RESPIRA® Ventilation Systems RESPIRA® Ventilation Systems RESPIRA® Pantalla usuario RESPIRA® Arquitectura Implantación RESPIRA en Metro Barcelona
RESPIRA® Ventilation Systems
RESPIRA® Pantalla usuario
RESPIRA® Arquitectura
Implantación RESPIRA en Metro Barcelona
  • Country: International
  • Start date: 2020
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RESPIRA® is an intelligent ventilation control system that improves air quality, comfort and energy efficiency in underground transport networks and large scale infrastructures.

Thanks to the real-time monitoring of variables such as temperature, humidity, air quality and energy consumption, RESPIRA® uses Machine Learning tools to implement a dynamic algorithm for predicting environmental conditions and establishes the optimum ventilation strategy according to the time and day.

The centralised control of all the ventilation equipment in the infrastructure allows it to send individualised speed settings for each piece of equipment, optimising the temperature, improving air cleanliness and minimising energy consumption, which contributes to reducing the carbon footprint.

In this way, RESPIRA® guarantees more efficient air renewal, increasing hygiene and reducing the risk of the proliferation of micro-organisms.


  • RESPIRA® Advantages

  • Efficient energy consumption management and improved environmental condition thanks to automatic ventilation control.
  • Efficient investment management thanks to detection of hot spots and / or problems within the facility.
  • Real time queries on the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity and air quality) and the predictions for the next 72 hours.
  • Real time queries on the comfort index, thermal sensation and air quality.
  • Real time queries on equipment operation, fast tracking maintenance works.
  • Different control modes. Efficient, comfort and saving modes.
  • Automatic Retraining.
  • Flexible, scalable and fast deployment system.

RESPIRA®, a 4.0 solution

RESPIRA® covers all parts of the automatic process, from data collection, using sensors with IoT technology, to intelligent action on the infrastructure’s ventilation equipment. The solution is hosted in a Cloud environment, making use of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence tools for the visualisation and correlation of the data.

Implementation of RESPIRA® in the  Barcelona Metro, a success story

The RESPIRA® intelligent control system is currently being implemented in the Barcelona (Spain) metro network, under an agreement signed with Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB).

RESPIRA® monitors a total of 187 station fans and 142 tunnel fans, processing more than 500 million data items per year. Thanks to its ability to predict and optimise the ventilation system, it is expected to improve air quality and reduce average tunnel temperatures to a more comfortable level during the more than 400 million journeys it records each year. In this way, the Barcelona metro network could achieve energy savings of 30-40 % in the winter months, amounting to an average annual saving of 25 %.


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