Port infrastructure demands specific skills in the areas of civil engineering and ship building, and even in process engineering. These areas of expertise also require experts in water and environment and in special structures. 

Because of its multidisciplinary nature, SENER executes complete projects for jobs with a particularly high degree of technical complexity, in which the company is an industry leader. 

In port and coastal projects, SENER’s skills relate to:

Terminal de GNL Gate Terminal, Holanda

  • Ports and canals.
  • Marine dynamics, numerical and physical modeling. 
  • Marine structures and port facilities.
  • Marinas and fishing harbors.
  • Civil engineering for ports and coastal structures.
  • Oil & Gas and cargo port terminals. 
  • Cruise liner and bulk goods port terminals. 
  • Ro-ro terminals.
  • Container terminals.
  • Shipyards. 
  • Logistics zones and inland ports.
  • Coastal projects, coastal protection and beach restoration.


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