Water and environment

Sistema de predicción y alertas hidrológicas


SENER has an international reputation in hydraulic engineering, with more than 300 projects completed around the world.

In the area of marine infrastructures, SENER has managed consultancy and hydraulic engineering projects that cover every phase of the integrated water cycle, from water resources management to storage, transportation, distribution, treatment, and recapture, to reuse or purify before returning to the receiving environment. SENER’s work includes hydraulic and hydrological planning studies, hydraulic construction projects, technical support in construction, technical support for start-up and operations and R&D projects.

Areas of activity:

  • Studies of hydrological extremes, flooding, flood prevention and flood control. 
  • Automated hydrological information systems, early warning systems and decision support systems. 
  • Catchment management studies: resource management models and drought planning. 
  • Water supply, sanitation and reuse plans. 
  • Irrigation planning and systems (channels, reservoirs and distribution). 
  • Dam emergency plans and operational guidelines. 
  • Due diligence services (works and concessions). 
  • Projects for water collection, piping, pressurization and pumping (water supply, sanitation, cooling, etc.). 
  • Canalization, river protection projects, flood control structures. 
  • Urban sewage systems, retention basins. 
  • Irrigation, canal, reservoir and water distribution projects. 
  • Water treatment (EDAR, ETAP, IDAM) and reuse. 
  • Hydraulic tunnels and microtunnels. 
  • Outlets, inlets, and underwater and Oil & Gas pipelines. 
  • Hydroelectric facilities and systems.
  • Hydroelectric power stations. 
  • Reservoirs, floodgates, spillways, power supply systems and drainage structures.


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