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SENER accomplishes Aerospace and Engineering activities and has industrial holdings in companies working in the field of Energy and Environment.


SENER has a long track record of projects, international experience and a team comprised of thousands of professionals who innovates in four major sectors: Aerospace, Infrastructure, Energy, and Marine.





Aerospace MTG. Meteosat Third Generation

With fifty years of success in the aerospace industry under its belt, SENER provides equipment, systems integration and engineering services for projects in the areas of Space, Defense, Aeronautics, and Vehicles, and is the main contractor for complete programs. [+]

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Energy Planta termosolar Bokpoort (Sudáfrica)

SENER is an expert in Renewables, Power, Oil & Gas high technology projects and specializes in turnkey projects, which encompass engineering, purchasing, and the construction and commissioning of the facility, as well as offering operation and maintenance services. [+]

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Marine 20053hms-queen-elizabeth-con-foran-c-bae-systems-2005-copy

SENER was founded in 1956 as a marine technical office and today carries out ship engineering projects and markets its own CAD/CAM/CAE in the shape of the FORAN System. More than 1,000 ships, in shipyards all around the world, have been built using SENER’s designs. [+]

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