Tunnels and geotechnics

In the last year alone, SENER has built more than 100 km of tunnels and has worked on the geotechnical aspects of linear construction projects that span more than 338 km in length.

To achieve this, it has a team of civil engineers, road engineers, geological engineers and mining engineers specialized in tunnel and geotechnical projects. 

Estación de Sol

Some of the technical capabilities covered by these functions are:

  • Design and overseeing of geotechnical exploration programs. 
  • Geological/geotechnical and hydrogeological characterization. 
  • Tunnels and subterranean works (metros, railways, roads, hydraulic tunnels and caverns).
  • Foundations. 
  • Slope stability.
  • Materials studies.
  • Land improvement treatment.
  • Building subsidence protection. 
  • Auscultation and monitoring.
  • Technical supervision of projects (Independent Checker).
  • Back-up office for on-site technical support.

Some of SENER’s tunnel projects have won awards for their complexity and innovation.

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